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Salazar did not address in his statement further allegations in the British newspaper that the leaked USADA report also accused the coach of abusing prescription medicines for his athletes, including Farah, in the belief performances would be boosted through increased testosterone levels.Documents seen by The Sunday Times show that Farah and other athletes coached by Alberto Salazar were given secret infusions of a research supplement based on the chemical L-carnitine. Speaking on behalf of the doctor who administered the infusion of the legal supplement L-carnitine, UK Athletics told the Sunday Times: “To our knowledge, all doses administered and methods of administration have been fully in accordance with Wada [World Anti-doping Agency] approved protocol and guidelines”.The latest Sunday Times article says that, according to the leaked document, Salazar took “egregious risks” and abused prescription rules by persuading Farah to take potentially risky doses of permitted vitamin D prescription drugs believing it would boost his performance through increased testosterone levels.Farah, who past year became only the second man to retain the Olympic 5,000 and 10,000-metre titles, accused the newspaper of using his profile to make “the story more interesting”.”As I’ve said many times before we all should do everything we can to have a clean sport and it is entirely right that anyone who breaks the rules should be punished”. Donald Trump humiliates USA media yet again
Trump chose to skip the dinner during the 2016 presidential campaign, despite receiving a number of invites from the media. Several celebrities reacted on Twitter to Trump’s withdrawal from the dinner. “It is upsetting that some parts of the media, despite the clear facts, continue to try to associate me with allegations of drug misuse”, the statement reads.Usada has confirmed the veracity of the report acquired by the Sunday Times, but said it was premature to label Farah as a drugs cheat until it was officially established by the anti-doping body.Farah said in a statement. The newspaper claims Salazar even boasted to Lance Armstrong of the “amazing” benefits of the drug before the disgraced former cyclist’s downfall.The Sunday Times story does not state whether any of the report’s stated conclusions are out of date.”As we continue to investigate whether anti-doping rules were broken, no further comment will be made at this time”.”It is unfair and reckless to state, infer or imply differently”. Dakota Access pipeline camp cleared of protesters
Protesters have been living on this land for months, in support of members of the Standing Rock Sioux. “This wasn’t trash. In a statement on Facebook , the tribal leaders said they are closely monitoring law enforcement activity at the camp. “Oregon Project athletes were then administered L-carnitine in exactly the same way USADA directed”.That included persuading Farah to take potentially unsafe doses of permitted vitamin D prescription drugs, the newspaper said.The film alleged Salazar had a fixation on the testosterone levels of his athletes, and may have doped American Olympic medallist Galen Rupp with the banned steroid version when he was 16.In June 2015, Salazar released a 12,000-word open letter providing a detailed rebuttal of the allegations that Rupp has ever taken a banned substance.The body found no evidence of wrongdoing by Farah in the initial findings of its investigation into allegations of doping against Mr Salazar, who strenuously denied all the accusations against him. Swedes never heard of Fox News’ Swedish ‘security advisor’
On the next day, however, both the Swedish Defense Ministry and the nation’s Foreign Office denied any links with Bildt. Bildt spoke out about Sweden’s crime and “socially deviant activity” during the Bill O’Reilly segment.

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