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“I don’t know if you know this but I hosted the Oscars last night”, Kimmel joked on Monday during the opening of his ABC show.On his show Monday night, the Academy Awards host gave his side of the epic screw-up in which Beatty and Dunaway mistakenly awarded the night’s biggest prize to “La La Land” instead of the actual victor, “Moonlight”. And the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ presenter admitted he never expected the ending of the prestigious ceremony to be so dramatic but that’s just what he loves about live television. “Thank God Denzel was there to make sense!”. Brandon Day faces charges after leaving penalty box, knocking down ref
The competition is being dropped because of a lack of teams. “This type of behaviour will not be tolerated in the NJCAA”. That’s when the player identified as Day exited the box and took out his frustration on the official. A group of reported tourists on a Hollywood celebrity journey got the surprise if their lives with a veritable front-row pass to the Oscars on Sunday night.When Kimmel asked Washington to be the best man at their wedding, Washington instead performed an impromptu wedding ceremony, while they recorded the whole thing on their phone with a selfie stick. In the host’s words, we now know this was because Warren was confused about getting the wrong card and so “Clyde threw Bonnie under the bus”, leading to the film’s producers making their ill-gotten Oscar speeches. “Matt Damon”, Kimmel told the audience.Kimmel dissected the incident for his audience, explaining how Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were presenting the award to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their movie Bonnie and Clyde. Mysterious wave of death strikes the Bahamas famous swimming pigs
She explained that when tourists see dead pigs on the beach, it will bring bad publicity for them. Currently, pigs come and go as they please and are free to swim up to boats. After a confused Warren Beatty announced “La La Land” as the victor, the pick was shortly debunked.The Academy apologized to the La La Land and Moonlight filmmakers.As the Awards show was getting later and later, Kimmel chose to whip out his smart phone and give the President a little shout out. You know, when you do a show like this, you aren’t just the host-you’re also the lead detective, the sheriff of the show. “Remember past year when it was the Oscars that were racist?” And Faye Dunaway, she made quite a getaway. People have been telling me it’s time to bring everyone together, you need to say something to unite us. Third-Party iPhone Screen Repair No Longer Voids Warranty, Apple Says
It’s much cheaper to take your device to a third-party repairer, or to just buy new a display off of eBay and fit it yourself. Apple has made a behind-the-scenes change to its views on third-party screen fix . “In a few minutes those people are going to walk through these doors right here”, the 39-year-old host said gesturing to the stage doors.

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