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Two of the remaining contestants are pending- Bachelorette Rachel and nanny-reared Corinne. Very cute, you two! “I’m really curious why Andi’s here right before a rose ceremony”, Nick shares. “Watching it back was really hard for me today, because we did just have a really great hometown date and things just went really well, and I was kind of shocked when I got sent home”. Yeah, Andi, you could’ve. These two have been on more iterations than Chris Bukowski, and even that dingleberry had enough sense to retire from the franchise.Andi is wearing very high heels, tight leather trousers, a sheer black shirt and an aggressive amount of makeup, which is the outfit a woman wears when she wants either the night to last until the next morning, or a man to know he will never have better than her. We will miss her. On his way to Finland, Nick reminds us all that he has experience with fantasy suites, because sex and his multiple years of being on a reality dating show are the only thing he knows to talk about. It’s a chat that “requires whiskey”, and it culminates with Nick admitting he’s not going to drop to one knee in front of the last woman standing simply for the sake of proposing. Who will accept an invitation to the fantasy suite? First up was a dirty date in Hoxie, Arkansas, where Raven took Nick 4-wheeling through a swamp. Thankfully, that waste of suspense is over. Oscars 2017: WATCH- Red Carpet interview with Supporting Actor nominee Dev Patel
Kimmel then proceeded to lift the 8-year-old up, in a moment reminiscent of Rafiki holding up Simba in the movie, as The Lion King soundtrack filled the auditorium. Nick says the last time Andi knocked on his hotel room door, she broke up with him.Now that it is all down to Rachel Lindsay, Vanessa Grimaldi, and Raven Gates, Bachelor fans were especially angered to learn that Rachel Lindsay is the next Bachelorette, only because of the fact she is still competing! I was certain he was keeping Corinne simply for the added benefits of insane girl sex, but perhaps Andi’s warning against hitting and quitting rang true. And unfortunately for Corinne, she won’t be stamping her passport. You guys are lucky I love you. “I was just doing me!”My wife (screaming at TV): “Because you act like an asshole!” She shuffles into his arms and says that she’s sorry if she ever did anything wrong, to which Nick says, “you never did anything wrong, ever”. See you next week, Bachelor Nation! Finland, Who Would Believe This? That sent Corinne back home to Miami, her nanny and most importantly Raquel’s cheese pasta. He’s excited to cross the Northern Lights off my bucket list, but he’s also apprehensive about whether this journey will end in true love. It kicks off with a helicopter ride over Urho Kekkonen National Park, followed by some bad darts at a pub, talk of being a mama’s boy and daddy’s girl, and an intense debate over the effectiveness of ironing versus steaming. Raven explains, to the camera, that she had sex with her last boyfriend but she’s never had an orgasm before. Bato can’t guarantee PNP’s reprised war on drugs will not be bloody
Roughly half of the killings are under investigation amid human rights groups’ concerns of being extrajudicial. “Give me men that I can trust to handle the campaign”, Duterte said. “I’ve only been sexually active with one other man. Sex is a big deal to me”, Raven reveals in her confessional. Nick immediately and deeply kissed her. He tells her he has “insecurities about this world”, to which we say, same.Well, insofar as it was ever actually “up” – she was the first girl to proudly blurt out that she was falling in love with Nick, and on Monday night (Feb. 27) she straight-up told him she’s “in love”. But will the overnight date have a satisfying conclusion? Live it up, Andi!Future Corinne Olympios suitors, you have been warned. Stocks Beats on Views- Nordstrom, Inc. (NYSE:JWN), RH (NYSE:RH)
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