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“Imports of coal produced in North Korea – including shipments already declared to the customs but yet to be released – will be suspended for the remainder of this year”, said the statement posted on the ministry’s website.Earlier this month, North Korea tested an intermediate-range ballistic missile, after two nuclear tests and 24 missile launches a year ago, in spite of objections from Beijing, the North’s main ally and major trading partner. The ban, announced on Saturday, signals that Beijing is joining other nations in the region in the effort to curb Pyongyang’s nuclear missile development.Coal is North Korea’s biggest export, with its shipments to China a mainstay of the country’s fragile economy. Lana Del Rey drops new single ‘Love’
Lana Del Rey has released her new song ” Love ” after teasing her return with posters spotted in Los Angeles. A track titled ” Love ” has now appeared and you can listen to it on iTunes and Google Play . Washington had earlier called on Beijing to cut coal imports, which earned Pyongyang US$1 billion in 2015.The coal ban follows Pyongyang’s latest ballistic missile launch on February 12, which led the 15-member Security Council to adopt a unanimous statement the following day condemning the North for the test.Meanwhile, North Korea’s only associate, China is showing hostility to the incident. North Korea also explained that the missile they recently launched, the Pukguksong 2, was of the same type with the one they also launched last August 2016, reported by BBC News.China’s announcement came as investigators in Malaysia probe the assassination of Kim’s half-brother on Monday, which Seoul says was carried out by female agents on the orders of Pyongyang. Narayanasamy condemns attack on Stalin, eviction of DMK MLAs
Semmalai, part of the Panneerselvam camp, said they have urged the speaker for a secret ballot to decide the motion of confidence. “I do not accept it as the Leader of Opposition in Assembly and as their partys Working President”, Stalin said. The United States policy of maintaining sanctions and military pressure on North Korea while refusing to talk to the country is not working and will only make matters worse, a Chinese official has said, venting Beijing’s impatience with the stalemate over its isolated neighbour.”What we’re seeing now is Beijing is showing a new willingness to bring the North to near the breaking point”, she said. The entire GDP of North Korea was about $17bn and now $1bn has effectively disappeared.China has not given up hope for a new round of diplomacy with North Korea to prevent Pyongyang making further advances in its weapons programme in violation of United Nations resolutions, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Friday. It is significant that Japan and the United States, joined by South Korea, affirmed the strong unity immediately after Japan and the United States agreed to strengthen their alliance at the meeting between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Trump. We urge the South Korean government to quickly approach the private group that erected the statue and the local government to start discussions for its removal.Beijing is becoming increasingly frustrated with Mr Kim Jong Un, whose actions are spurring the USA to deploy an anti-missile defence system called Thaad in South Korea – a move that also potentially threatens China’s military capabilities. President Trump Speaks At Campaign Rally In Florida
McMaster for the job of national security adviser. “I will do whatever I can that they don’t get away with it”, Trump said . Also on Trump’s schedule were telephone conversations with several foreign leaders and a healthcare policy meeting.

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