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A judge dropped the charge altogether the following year, but the Court of Cassation ordered a second retrial.Instead, the courtroom was filled with Mubarak supporters who cheered “long live justice” as the verdict was read out and unfurled posters of their former leader. Earlier during the trial, Mubarak, who was sitting in a wheelchair, denied the charge saying, “It did not happen”. Ben Carson Confirmed as Housing Secretary
Several congress members have vocally opposed Carson’s nomination process including former vice presidential candidate, Sen. Ben Carson arrives for the presidential inaugural parade in front of the White House on January 20. “Can we count on Dr. Led by then defence minister and current president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a military coup overthrew Mubarak’s freely elected successor, Mohammed Morsi, in 2013.Mubarak, 88, got into a helicopter after the verdict to return to the hospital in the leafy Cairo suburb of Maadi where he has already completed a three year sentence in a separate corruption case – the only one in which he was convicted.Mubarak does not face any other charges and is technically free to go, but it was unclear whether he would leave the hospital, where he has been under informal house arrest in recent years. The government has also banned all unauthorized demonstrations. Microsoft Announces Xbox Live Creators Program
As years will pass by, they want tje Xbox game console to continue and be on the list of the most favorite gadgets worldwide. Users will be able to purchase the games at the end of the month with a 20% off discount and 10% off add-on packs. Many Egyptians view Mubaraks rule as autocratic and riddled with crony capitalism. “The question now is how we move forward as a nation”, he said.Mubarak was accused of involvement in the deaths of 900 protesters during the uprising, which began on January 25, 2011, AlJazeera English said.An Islamic State affiliate based in the northern Sinai Peninsula has carried out scores of attacks in recent years, mainly targeting Egyptian security forces. A partir de hoje, Gmail deixará usuários receberem arquivos de até 50MB
Se precisamos de enviar um ficheiro do nosso computador ou do nosso smartphone para alguém, o e-mail é a nossa primeira opção. Por isso, eles estão aumentando o limite do tamanho dos arquivos recebidos de 25 MB para 50 MB .

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