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“President Widodo and I have agreed to full restoration of defence co-operation, training exchanges and activities”, Mr Turnbull told a news conference.Indonesian President Joko Widodo delivered a diplomatic uppercut to PM Malcolm Turnbull as he warned Australia not to meddle in the domestic affairs of the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Indonesian and Australian leaders on Sunday committed to free trade and closer naval cooperation as they urged countries in the Asia-Pacific region with competing territorial claims to obey worldwide law. Amazon Server Issue Caused All the Major Internet Websites Down and Slow
What’s causing internet issues today? On its service health dashboard page, Amazon says it’s working to remediate the issues. At this point, it would appear that Amazon is not completely confident that they have identified the cause of the outages. “First is the removal of barriers to trade, tariffs and non-tariffs for Indonesian products such as Indonesia’s paper and palm oil”.In a material gesture toward that trade liberalisation, Mr Turnbull announced Indonesia would drop its import tariffs on Australian sugar, which would fall to 5 per cent putting Australian producers on a level playing field with ASEAN countries.The leaders also witnessed the signing of an agreement on strengthening maritime security and border protection in the region. Looks Like DeMarcus Cousins Is Doing Just Fine In New Orleans
However, this does speak to why the Sacramento Kings rushed Cousins out the door for such an underwhelming return. Cousins has been assessed 101 technical fouls during his seven-year career. The leaders stopped short of announcing joint patrols on Sunday, but stressed the importance of resolving disputes peacefully and in accordance to worldwide law.Australia’s Defense Minister Marise Payne said that concerns were raised in late 2016 by an Indonesian national armed forces officer over teaching materials and remarks at an Army language training facility in Australia.Turnbull said both countries encouraged parties in the South China Sea dispute to resolve it in line with global law, presenting a joint face against China’s island-building program, which the worldwide Court of Justice said could not ground territorial claims. Kelsey Plum Etches Her Name Atop NCAA Women’s All-Time Scoring List
The Pac-12 women’s tournament begins Thursday, and after that will nearly certainly be an NCAA tournament berth for the Huskies. Washington: The Huskies will have a bye in the first round of the Pac-12 tournament and play in the quarterfinals next Friday. Relations have substantially improved since 2014 when Indonesia demanded Australia stop asylum policy “operations” that resulted in the Australian navy entering its waters and revelation in 2013 that Australia had attempted to listen in on the personal phone calls of then Indonesian president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, his wife and other confidantes. Turnbull took the unusual step of inviting Jokowi to a private dinner at his Sydney Harbor-side mansion on Saturday as a gesture of the close ties between Indonesia’s 250 million people and Australia’s population of 24 million. Indonesians regard forcing Australia-bound boats carrying foreigners to Indonesia’s shores as an affront to Indonesian sovereignty.

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