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Iraqi forces launched their bid to retake the western parts of the city on Sunday after declaring the east had been liberated last month. In October, Abadi announced a major US -backed offensive to recapture the city, and Iraqi forces most recently recaptured the airport.Meanwhile, the federal police and elite interior ministry units, known as Rapid Response, are still fighting street-to-street battles to liberate southern neighborhood of Jawsaq and Tayaran from the extremist militants, the JOC said. “The bridge is about 400 meters away”.The advances came a day after special forces joined the fight for western Mosul.”I think west Mosul will be an incredibly hard nut to crack, because it’s a very ancient city, there are a lot of small alleys and armed vehicles can’t go down those narrow alleys”. Giraffe at NY zoo expected to give birth soon
They’ve been patiently awaiting the very moment she welcomes a calf into the world. When the calf is born, it’s expected to weigh 150 pounds and be about 6 feet tall. Traditionally, U.S. and European military advisers have not fought on the front lines in ISIS-dominant areas, but that changed recently when they embedded with forward-deployed Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and began the fight for west Mosul.The Iraqi Air Force targeted ISIS positions in Syria “for the first time”, Iraq’s military announced via a written statement.Speaking at a forum at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., Dunford declined to disclose results of a 30-day review of the USA military strategy to defeat the Islamic State, or ISIS, commissioned by President Donald Trump at the end of January. According to General Joseph Votel, the head of the United States Central Command, around 500 Iraqi military personnel died in the offensive, and another 3,000 were injured.The multi-pronged assault onto the base and the airport started at sunrise on Thursday, closely supported by US-led coalition troops on the ground and airstrikes, as part of the battle to take the western half of Mosul that began six days ago.”We’re heading towards the center and also the Turkish consulate, which we’re about 500 meters from”, he said, as attack helicopters fired rockets at targets in the Jawsaq neighborhood. Joseph Wapner News, Pictures, and Videos
On the program, Wapner became a valuable source of education on the legal process through a non-traditional medium. His condition grew worse and he was sent home, under hospice care, where he died Sunday morning. It’s been a bad week for the Islamic State. Thousands of them were freed in earlier stages of the offensive.Iraqi forces launched a new push last week to drive ISIL militants from Mosul’s West, capturing so far the city’s worldwide airport and an adjacent military base. “The drones are particularly annoying today”, said al-Aridhi.The government is fighting to drive IS from the remains of its stronghold.The combat operation in heavily populated west Mosul, containing the old city with its narrow alleyways, is expected to be a tough challenge for Iraqi forces.But they continue to move relatively easily in desert areas and have hideouts from which they harass the security forces. Sunderland stay bottom after Everton defeat
Despite a much-improved defensive record this season, Everton are still very much in need of surgery to their backline. Ronald Koeman remains resolute in Everton’s quest for European qualification, insisting “everything is possible”.

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