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Turkey, a key USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally, considers the group a terrorist organization.It’s only fair to share. U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis visited soldiers and military commanders in Iraq Monday as the battle to push ISIS out of Mosul entered a second day. SpaceX successfully launches rocket after Saturday setback
The spacecraft, called the Dragon, is packed with more than 5,000 pounds of cargo and experiments. This is the beginning of what SpaceX hopes will be a busy period for the historic launch pad. Mattis’ visit to Iraq is the first of its kind since his appointment one month ago by U.S. President Donald Trump. But as with several of his recent stops in Europe, Mattis had to spend some of his time in the country smoothing over some of Trump’s more controversial remarks.Trump has repeatedly said both while campaigning and since his election that America, whose troops occupied Iraq for eight years, should have grabbed Iraqi oil to help fund its war effort and to deprive the Islamic State group of a vital revenue source. He has suggested that seizing the oil is still a possibility.Mattis also said he had no problems with the press, after Trump labeled the media “the enemy of the American people”. Polluting cars ‘T-Charge’ to be rolled out in autumn
The Mayor has confirmed that cars most likely to be effected by the new charges are diesel and petrol vehicles registered before 2006. “We are coming, Nineveh, to liberate the western side of Mosul”, Prime Minister Abadi said in a televised address on February 19, referring to the province in which Mosul is located.”They will have been vetted, obviously, by their performance on the battlefield beside us and by the normal procedures, and I’m sure we will work our way through this quickly”. So we should have kept the oil. “Maybe we’ll have another chance”. Back by USA -led coalition forces, they unleashed heavy ground and air assaults in the western part of the city Monday and set their sights on the airport. Former and current US officials discussed the likely options on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to talk publicly.Abadi and Vice President Mike Pence met during the conference and “underscored the urgency of continued progress in the fight against ISIS, Iraq’s economic recovery, and cooperation to liberate Mosul”, according to the White House. Philippines: 14 college students and bus driver killed in school trip tragedy
A police investigator passes by the wreckage of a bus that crashed on a downhill road in Tanay, Rizal province, east of Manila . Peralta said the students were supposed to have a camping at the Sacramento Resorts in Tanay town for a team building.

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