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Then they filmed the dramatic moment the rare felines catch sight of it, give chase to the electronic intruder – and pounce.A video showing Siberian tigers pursuing an aerial drone at a reserve in Heilongjiang, a province located in northern China. Not only did the beasts swipe the drone out of the sky-they took a few bites of the poor gadget. Uber Sounds Like a Complete Mess Right Now
Now, days after Susan Fowler’s essay went viral, dozens more people have come forward with their own stories about life at Uber. In one particularly heated exchange, a director allegedly “shouted a homophobic slur” at someone who reported to them. As the tigers romped around, one tiger managed to knock the drone to the ground, where it proceeded to claw and chew on the device.Staff then removed the shredded remains of the drone. Jamie Chung Will Play Blink in The New X-Men TV Series
What other minor X-characters would you like to see join her? She can transport herself and others across time and space. She also appeared in Sucker Punch , Big Hero 6 , The Hangover Part II and III , Office Christmas Party and many more. The drone began to smoke, which caused the tigers to move back.Drones: they annoy and amuse humans, mostly annoy kangaroos, and apparently greatly intrigue Siberian tigers. Bojan Bogdanovic traded from Nets to Washington Wizards, report says
Nicholson is in his first year with the Wizards after spending the first four years of his career with the Orlando Magic. He added that the 27-year-old is a starter in the National Basketball Association and is a bench “boost”. The playful tigers then ganged up and used their paws and mouths to play with the unusual object, but couldn’t work out what it was.

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