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In his first address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, Trump didn’t talk about military threats from either Russian Federation or China. “The department remains committed to a US foreign policy that advances the security and prosperity of the American people”, Toner said in a statement.While there may be places where savings can be made, those should be diverted to the greatest refugee crisis since World War II and imminent famines that threaten Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria, O’Keefe said. “It is American leadership based on vital security interests that we share with our allies all across the globe”. U.S. President Donald Trump’s proposal to slash funding for the State Department and foreign aid faces stiff opposition in Congress, which must pass any spending plan, not just from Democrats, but also from many of his fellow Republicans. Trump recently said that the USA has “fallen behind on nuclear weapon capacity” and that “we’re going to be at the top of the pack”.When counting all of its employees, from Foreign Service officers to local employees hired in embassies overseas, more than 75,000 people work for the State Department. But those are the things that actually wind up affecting people’s lives.Critics of the Trump budget plans noted that cuts to foreign aid could damage the USA standing in numerous strategically important countries.The Journal added, “People familiar with the deliberations said the Trump administration is examining the growth in spending by the State Department during the Obama administration, including that caused by the addition of special envoys, though they said that would not cover the proposed cuts”. In West Virginia, for example, more than 23,000 – or 3 percent of the workforce – work for the feds. “They’re a popular target, but they’re very important”. Netflix teases Dave Chappelle’s return
Dave Chappelle returned to TV with thunderous applause, as the stand-up comedian rocked his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. Netflix , your favorite place to stream shows new and old, is now hoping to become your favorite place to stream stand-up. Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from SC, said that the budget would not pass, calling it a “disaster” and saying “it’s dead on arrival”. Several retired generals have, though, arguing that reducing spending on diplomacy puts the nation at risk.”Foreign assistance is not charity”. The Trump administration and congressional Republicans want to enact sizable tax cuts for corporations and individuals. And like Trump himself, it ignores some of the core values of both Republicans and Democrats, which should guarantee that it will quickly be shunted aside on Capitol Hill.Democrats Dick Durbin – a senator from IL – and Patrick Leahy of Vermont weighed in as well.But ultimately, Congress will have the final say over any budget.”While cutting the foreign aid budget may generate some gaps in resources for people in need, USA foreign aid largely does not target the most in need”, Glaser told CNN.”We’ve reduced our discretionary spending over the last seven to eight years an incredible amount”, House Appropriations Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen told reporters Tuesday. Leicester City 3-1 Liverpool
He’s got to make changes in the summer’. “I’m not saying what happened tonight is a good thing for Liverpool but it reinforces the changes that will need to be made”. The next largest category by percentage was a five-way tie between the cost of running the government, education, Medicare and health, veterans’ benefits, and community management. Cutting budgets by a further 10% would be painful.The ONE Campaign, an advocacy organization working to end poverty, met with legislators Tuesday to discuss the issue. He’s said that he doesn’t plan to touch the big entitlement programs – Medicare and Social Security – though he may cut Medicaid later as he makes changes to the Affordable Care Act.”It’s also especially ironic. We must make sure it is well spent, but it is less than 1% of budget & critical to our national security.” said Republican Sen. Bullets can not prevent despair from turning into risky anger.So it sounds like President Trump is preparing for war. “If America decides to withdraw from the world, if America decides to step back … what will replace it?””The budget represents America’s moral choices”. Critics said such cuts were unachievable. Techie Detained at JFK, Asked to Take Test to Prove His Profession
Omin’s story comes days after Australian children’s author Mem Fox was grilled by immigration officers in the United States. So when Celestine Omin , a Nigerian software engineer, arrived in the USA on Sunday, he didn’t quite get a simple welcome.

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