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President Donald Trump, heading into a critical stretch of Republicans’ push to rewrite the Affordable Care Act, acknowledged Monday the effort would be complex and politically risky, but said he is determined to forge ahead because the ACA is a “disaster”. “They’re going to say it’s the Republicans’ problem”, Trump said. The delay has caused an increasing amount of impatience from opponents of the law and skepticism from critics over whether Republicans will ever act on their promise.”I’m not going in there with the notion that I’m going to be delighted or angry”, he said. Created to channel increased profits to the health care industry and cut costs for the government and corporations, it is intrinsically tied to the for-profit health care delivery system in America. Snyder said policymakers should be excited about the opportunity to improve the law and what he sees as Trump’s willingness to consider ideas from the governors in doing so. “And I think you’re going to see something very, very special”, he said. Let it be a disaster because we can blame that on the Dems that are in our room, and we can blame that on the Democrats and President Obama.Yet Trump underscored what many congressional Republicans are anxious about as they begin looking at repealing the health care plan that has extended health care coverage to 20 million Americans. Supreme Court strike law banning sex offenders on social media
Packingham received a suspended sentence for having sex with a 13-year-old girl he claimed to be dating when he was 21 years old. Packingham said his constitutional right to free speech is being violated by the law that bans him from using social media. Trump theorized that ObamaCare was increasing in popularity not because people liked it, but instead because its end was near.”The goal is that we make sure that people don’t lose their coverage and that we have to put a high priority on people that need it most”, Sanders said on ABC’s This Week program Sunday.Trump’s assertion came before a meeting with health insurance executives and after a weekend of lobbying by Republican governors, some pushing to maintain provisions of the ACA.”We didn’t tell the American people we’re going to repeal it – except we’re going to keep some of the tax increases that some are talking about”. Formula One: Hamilton pips Vettel in opening Barcelona testing
Hamilton’s team-mate Valtteri Bottas, a replacement for the now-retired world champion Nico Rosberg, was fifth fastest. After Bottas’ 79 laps in the morning, Hamilton topped the session on a day which saw Mercedes pass 150 in eight hours. Ryan of Wisconsin and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky emerged from an Oval Office meeting with the president to tell reporters that the law is “collapsing”.Trump also met with CEOs of leading USA health insurance companies and said that a replacement plan would be revealed soon.Americans have little desire to cut back on the number of people covered by any new health care plan.Kasich, along with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, are also now in talks to come up with a Medicaid plan that Republicans lawmakers and the White House could endorse. Indonesian Police Exchange Fire With Gunman in Government Building
The eyewitnesses said the driver of the motorcycle rode off, while his passenger ran into a nearby government building. No one was injured in the explosion but police say the two suspects involved are linked to a terrorist network. In addition to health care, the red state Democrat is also expected to talk about job creation and to critique the first 40 days of Trump’s administration.

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