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If four new films set in the Avatar universe weren’t already enough, Ubisoft is partnering with James Cameron’s film studio and Fox Interactive to create a new Avatar game. ‘What impressed me about Massive were the group’s passion for this project and the power of its Snowdrop engine, ‘ claimed James Cameron.As of now though, not much else in known about the game except the brief announcement trailer released by Ubisoft. Chrissy Teigen Napped Through Casey Affleck’s Acceptance Speech
Earlier this year she decided she DGAF about “convention” at the Golden Globes and chose to sit down on the red carpet. Eventually, I guess Chrissy just couldn’t take it any more. “No one will ever know.” she said. Ubisoft previously released the 2009 Avatar game, to pretty poor reviews.Set on the “beautiful and risky moon from the prominent Avatar film franchise”, the game will be created using the studio’s Snowdrop game engine – the same one used for its post-apocalyptic third-person shooter The Division. Presumably he’s talking figuratively here, unless the game is going to have one hell of a pre-order bonus… However we can look at the pedigree of lead developer Massive, which previously worked on games like The Division and Far Cry 3. This engine is created to allow the creation of ultra-realistic game universes, enhanced with dynamic global illumination, incredible real-time destruction and gorgeous amount of detail and visual effects. A youtube video indicates a potential release in 2018, but that’s highly unlikely when designing well-made AAA titles. With sequels to Avatar on the way, Ubisoft thought it was as good a time as any to jump on this train and help make something great. Could you name a video game based on a movie that successfully done well? Georges St-Pierre Will Challenge Michael Bisping For MW Title in Return
A potential fight with McGregor in the future has not been ruled out, as McGregor has fought at 170 pounds in the past. A former light-heavyweight who dropped down to middleweight, his career has been on the upswing in recent years. Entitled the “Avatar Project”, it remains in the developing stage with the Snowdrop engine. Third-Party iPhone Screen Repair No Longer Voids Warranty, Apple Says
It’s much cheaper to take your device to a third-party repairer, or to just buy new a display off of eBay and fit it yourself. Apple has made a behind-the-scenes change to its views on third-party screen fix .

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