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The surplus was still not as high as economists had predicted, falling significantly lower than consensus expectations of a £14.4bn surplus during the month.The UK public-sector, excluding public sector banks, recorded a budget surplus £9.4bn for January 2017 from £9.1bn in January 2016. January is generally the biggest month of the year for tax receipts as income and capital gains payments from self-employed workers are due. This represented an increase of GBP 91.7 billion since January 2016.”We remain committed to returning the public finances to balance and building on our progress in reducing the deficit from 10% to 4% of GDP over the last six years”. CM Punk Responds To The Rock Calling Him After RAW
The Rock won the WWE title from CM Punk at Royal Rumble in 2013, ending his record world title reign of 434 days. Punk took to Twitter to respond to the WWE Universe and let them know why he didn’t answer. “Thanks Los Angeles. The changes in methodology and increased transfers from the Bank of England should allow the government to undershoot the full-year 2016/17 estimate of £68.2bn made by the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR). “Next month, the chancellor will deliver his spring Budget based on updated forecasts from the OBR”, a Treasury spokesperson said in a statement.The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said that stronger than expected growth over the most recent quarter has boosted tax revenue in the United Kingdom, which indicates that Philip Hammond might indicate lower short-term borrowing forecasts during his Budget. But the United Kingdom should still meet or exceed the OBR’s forecast for less borrowing this year.”Unusually, tax revenues have been performing better than expected in recent months”, it said.”Borrowing remains on track to undershoot the OBR’s Autumn Statement forecast, despite January’s smaller-than-expected surplus”. The shortfall in the first 10 months was 49.3 billion pounds, down 22 percent on the year. US Homeland Security Releases Draconian Immigration Orders
Tuesday’s memos are a direct interpretation of the January 25 immigration executive orders signed by Trump. The memos do not change USA immigration laws, but take a far harder line toward enforcement . Richard Godmon, partner and head of tax at Menzies, said that, while the corporation tax rate is already planned to reduce to 17% in 2020, further changes should not be ruled out.Under the previous method, the surplus would have been £15.2bn, the highest since records began in 1997.John Hawksworth, PwC chief economist, said: “The ONS handed the Chancellor a £5 billion pre-Budget windfall today by revising down its earlier estimates of public borrowing in the period from April to December 2016 by around £5 billion”.”The ONS has decided this month to shift to recording corporation tax receipts when the economic activity that generated them occurred, rather than when they were received by the Exchequer”. This was the highest January surplus since 2000. Mugabe, 92, says Zimbabweans see no replacement for him
Mugabe faced unprecedented protests past year over the failing economy and fresh allegations of rights abuses. Activists say that money should be used to address economic problems Zimbabweans are facing.

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