BlackBerry patent lawsuit filed against Nokia, Report

Blackberry is seeking payment, rather than trying to block Nokia’s use of the 11 patents, according to court documents published by the news site Ars Technica.BlackBerry has taken on Nokia in a patent infringement claim, alleging that the Finland-based company has used its proprietary technology....
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Voters Trust Trump Administration Over News Media

Just 39 percent of Americans approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing in the White House, according to new data from Pew Research Center.So who do America’s voters trust more – Trump or the media? Also significant, almost half of Americans (46 percent)...
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The Earth is flat, says Cavs’ NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving

“The earth is flat”, Irving said.While the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing pretty well this season, that doesn’t excuse the fact that one of their guards believes that the earth is flat. Not only did he proclaim his flat-earth theory, he also professed to believing in...
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