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A NY petting zoo is sharing the joy as they are expecting a baby giraffe to be born.Now, a Seattle man has made it even easier for April’s fans to track the upcoming birth by creating an “active-delivery” app. You can watch the live giraffe cam in the video player above. There is a Facebook Live event dedicated to the live birth of the Animal Adventures Park giraffe. The calf was generally carried on her left side, but all has become proportionate. Activity remains normal, behavior normal. Today will yield warmer temperatures from yesterday’s flash freeze, allowing a little bit of yard time for mom, and of course time for Oliver. How Is Trump Doing? Why The President Gave Himself A ‘C’ Grade
In terms of messaging, I would give myself a [ contemplative pause ] C or a C+. “We’re running a very good, efficient government”. Watch the above video for more on Trump’s grades, and be sure to tune in to Fox New Channel tonight at 9pm ET for the big speech. Here is the 2/27 evening update.The feed was earlier removed by YouTube after it was labeled sexually explicit.According to NBC New York, the number of people that had tuned into Animal Adventure Park’s livestream of 15-year-old April since it launched Wednesday had climbed to almost 30 million. Looks Like DeMarcus Cousins Is Doing Just Fine In New Orleans
However, this does speak to why the Sacramento Kings rushed Cousins out the door for such an underwhelming return. Cousins has been assessed 101 technical fouls during his seven-year career. Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park – an 80-acre park situated in Alto – is home to hundreds of exotic animals including two giraffes: Tucker and Annabelle.There is no question that excitement continues to mount for April’s birth.April the Giraffe was supposed to be due in mid-February, thus the zoo is watching for any new changes. This is when the public can submit their name suggestions. Others have watched regularly for a week or more. Coming to FX in 2018: ‘Feud: Charles and Diana’
Ryan Murphy’s upcoming miniseries Feud: Bette and Joan finally makes its high profile debut this weekend. Ryan Murphy Feud is looking just as campy as you might have expected hoped, or possibly feared. Around 8:30 a.m., according to NBC New York, the livestream actually showed significant movement in April’s belly. The New York Zoo, Animal Adventures Park, is experiencing that right now. Just leave a comment on our Facebook page. According to Animal Adventure, this will be her fourth time giving birth.

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