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Ishqbaaz 21 February 2017 written update, preview: Shivaay steals Mrs. Kapoor’s phone!

The viewers of Ishqbaaz are soon going to watch the wedding of Shivaay and Tia. Shivaay didn’t want to get married to Tia but Anika forced him to marry Tia. Anika thinks that she doesn’t remember anything about her feelings for Shivaay and Shivaay is also not able to tell the truth to her. Considering their situation, they should be not bound to stay in their marriage. Apart from this, Anika is concerned about Tia’s pregnancy. Anika thinks that Tia is pregnant with Shivaay’s baby and the baby should get its rights. Moreover, Anika knows tha Pinky doesn’t like her much. Anika doesn’t want to hurt Pinky and this is again another reason for Anika to force Shviaay to get married to Tia. On the other hand, Shivaay is constrained to marry Tia. No one knows the reason except him. In the recent episodes of Ishqbaaz, Mrs. Kapoor was seen threatening Shivaay. She threatened him to expose Om’s truth if he will not marry Tia soon. Shivaay doesn’t have any option but to obey Mrs. Kapoor. Shivaay has said ‘yes’ to marry Tia but he is finding an opportunity to get the video. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mrs. Kapoor got to know that Shivaay was trying to search her room to find the video of Om’s truth. Mrs. Kapoor showed the recording of Shivaay how he sneaked into her room to search for video. She warns him to not to search for that video as it is safe with her. She told him that the video is always with her. Soon he realises that the video must be in her phone. The function of Shivaay and Tia has started. Shivaay is constantly looking for a chance to steal Mrs. Kapoor’s phone. On the other hand, he is also trying to make Anika jealous. Shivaay pampers Tia and sits close to her to make Anika jealous. Shivaay’s closeness to Tia is certainly affecting Anika but she thinks Shivaay is doing the right thing by getting married to Tia so she keeps on pretending that she is fine. Shivaay is a smart businessman. He has his own ideas to get the phone from Mrs. Kapoor. In one of the ceremonies, the mother of the bri…

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