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Liberals butcher Bollywood One More Time

Just when you thought the WA Liberal’s cringe worthy and hilarious dance moves couldn’t get any worse, it appears party members are serial offenders when it comes to busting out awkward moves on the dance floor.At the Liberal’s campaign launch on Sunday, members can be seen clumsily cutting a rug and clapping out of sync to Daft Punk’s One More Time.
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Treasury Mike Nahan doing the “ringing the church bells” a recent Liberal fundraiser. Photo: Bollywood Dance Studio The daggy dancing was only elevated slightly thanks to Liberal deputy leader Liza Harvey doing what could only be described as a robotic and rigid impersonation of the Twist.Now a video has emerged of Liberal MP’s boogieing to Bollywood-style tunes at a fundraiser for wannabe pollie Jim Seth who is running for the party in the seat of Bassendean.And Treasurer Mike Nahan, who foxtrotted to back of the corny choreography at the Liberal launch, is on the stage leading the charge in the Bollywood Dance Workshop fundraiser filmed in December.


We are just not sure what he is doing.At one-stage it looks like the Riverton MP is trying to put a fire out on his left arm, then he whoops it by creating his own dance move which we will dub, ringing the church bells.The Treasurer’s own version of Dirty Dancing doesn’t end there as he wiggles his hips and does a half-version of the sprinkler, …

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