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Mike Tyson’s Ferrari F50 is up for sale

If there’s anything that Mike Tyson and the Ferrari F50 have in common, it’s their ability to pack one mighty punch which is why it should be no surprise that Tyson was once an owner of one of the 349 F50s that were produced between 1995 and 1997. Ferrari’s strict rules with purchasing one of its limited edition models were quite prevalent back then but the famed boxing heavyweight champion clearly didn’t have a hard time getting his hands on the 73rd example . Tyson bought the Ferrari F50 alongside a 456 as part of a package deal. Despite this, Tyson only drove the “Formula One derived” road car for 7 885 km before selling it to stock broker and computer whizz Kevin Markus. Markus sold the Ferrari F50 in 2005 but because it was used so rarely the new and current owner commissioned the engine-out service and electronic update. The unnamed owner has also rarely driven the F50 but in turn has been very hands on with its maintenance. As it stands, the F50 has 9 164 km on the clock and comes …

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